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Φ  EMF Safety Zone: protection, education, products, consulting and resources for the many forms of unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMF) which are rapidly increasing daily, in our cities, homes, schools and workplace.

Φ Owning a radio frequency (microwave) meter immediately empowers you with the ability to assess the safety of any environment, wherever you may want to live or work!

Φ  The EarthPulse Sleep On Command Systems are one of the finest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) units available. Assisting deeper, regenerative sleep and enhancing the overall health and vitality of the body.

Φ  Are you sensitive to microwave/wireless radiation? Our RF shielding hats and sleeping bags offer excellent protection when you cannot control the exposure in your environment.

EMF Safety Zone: Providing protection, education, products, consulting and resources to keep you
safe and healthy during these times of rapid EMF proliferation and exposure.

After reading and research on the subject of EMFs and their medical affect upon the body, I emailed a Canadian Engineer, asking him which EMF meter he recommended. His answer was the Acoustimeter AM-10. I ordered one and immediately realized I had to buy a wired router and turn off the wireless except when we needed it for specific tasks. We have taken a number of other defensive measures to protect our health from the bath of EMFs in the home.

The Acoustimeter has ended up being a great buy. With it I was able to discover there was a cell tower right next to where I live, which I previously had no idea existed. I highly recommend this meter to anyone who is serious about completely cleaning up their environment.

I think everyone should have one of these RF meters. It works great. It’s easy to use and very accurate. I used it to assess my home office. I was amazed how much EMF I was generating with all my computers, routers and bluetooth devices. I also found a hidden source of EMF. It was a bluetooth headset I hadn’t used in months. This is a serious health problem people. It’s slow and cumulative. I know the device is expensive, but how much is your health worth?

I have concluded the Acoustimeter is the best consumer grade RF meter on the market at this time. Our company performs professional RF testing, but there are many residential clients we cannot serve, the best we can do is offer a recommendation for self-testing. This is the meter we recommend. Testing alongside our high-end equipment shows very favorable results, clearly the best of any other meters on the market at less than $2,000. Highly recommended.