Blushield Technology – Active EMF Protection

Blushield technology is the most advanced EMF protection on the planet today. This gentle yet highly effective technology has taken the best part of 25 years to develop and over 2 million dollars to refine the product into its present form and function. Blushield uses a pulse/pause cycle, with the unit going on for 3 seconds, then off for approximately 30 seconds. This is one of the many integral design factors that make our technology so effective.

Many devices on the market today, utilizing single frequencies, such as the typical Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz earth resonance devices), pulse these frequencies into the body continually without a rest. The body builds up an aversion or resistance to this type of constant input. Using a pulse/pause cycle, exactly as nature does, this type of bodily resistance does not occur with the Blushield products.

Dr. Neil Cherry stated: “All levels of EMF are genotoxic.” He is suggesting that even exposures to low level magnetic and electric fields can damage the delicate strands of our DNA. This is not even to mention the wireless radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis which is in the much higher gigahertz range of exposure! Wisdom in this area suggests we remove wireless devices from our homes and offices, do not live near cellular phone towers, limit the time we use our cell phones, and choose an EMF protection device such as the Blushield to help maintain health when we cannot control the EMF exposure levels in our environment.


The Blushield Portable contains a high-powered lithium battery, supplying power to an advanced, proprietary microprocessor. The Plug-In model does the same, using electricity from the wall.

Blushield technology supports your health and vitality amidst the modern day proliferation of wireless radiation.

Blushield technology supports your health and vitality amidst the modern day proliferation of wireless radiation.

The Blushield microprocessor generates a multi-wave scalar output (torsion field), comprised of wide-spectrum, natural, bio-compatible frequencies.

 The body absorbs and utilizes these natural frequencies, this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information, to maintain balance and normalization of cellular functions, effectively countering the negative psycho-physiological effects of EMF exposure. This can be verified with live blood cell analysis. Using the Blushield one will experience a reduction or elimination of symptoms related to EMF exposure. Customers report less headaches, increased energy levels, less brain fog, feeling more emotionally balanced, as well as sleeping better when using their Blushield devices.


The Blushield technology is in accordance and harmony with all natural laws pertaining to the human system. Therefore, we see more effective protection from EMF along with enhanced coherence. Utilizing a pulse/pause cycle, our products are also in harmony with the body’s natural rhythm’s and cycles. There is day and night, activity and rest. Everything in nature moves in cycles. Devices which pulse a constant frequency into the body are not as effective and the body can build a resistance or aversion on a subtle level to this constant input. Blushield technology does not burden the body with a constantly pulsing frequency. Again, our technology makes use of a natural pulse/pause cycle, with the device on for about 3 seconds and off approximately 30 seconds. The body does not build resistance or aversion to this natural cycle of supportive and nurturing frequencies.


The waveform in the Blushield technology is engineered to be precise and effective, at stated above, in total harmony with the body. We do not use single frequencies like Schumann devices or Solfeggio Frequencies, as they are not as effective long term. Our devices provide a “torsion field” comprised of a wide spectrum of natural frequencies which the body can easily utilize to reduce stress and maintain psychological and physiological balance when exposed to EMF.


Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-In Whole House Protection

Blushield technology works extremely well for animals, plants and humans. In the case of animals and plants, this eliminates any potential psychosomatic factors or placebo effect since both plants and animals are not prone to those variables as

are human beings. For humans, please be aware the Blushield technology is subtle and gentle. The benefits are cumulative and felt more over time, rather than immediately. Many people claim they feel the benefits soon after use. However, others say they feel nothing. Either way, please be assured the Blushield technology is working on the cellular level to reduce the biological and psychological stress of EMF exposure.

Periodically, we have customers who want to turn the Blushield Portable on, or put the Whole House Plug-In model into the wall and experience instant miracles of feeling better. Although we often receive reports and testimonials suggesting these rapid benefits are possible, at the same time, this is a highly unrealistic expectation for a subtle energy device, no matter how advanced the technology is.

Once again, the Blushield technology works. The products provide biological and psychological benefits. However, the benefits can be subtle and become more apparent over time. People really appreciate our products after using them for a while, then for example, forgetting to bring the Portable model with them to the office one day. The contrast in how one feels with and without the device is then most obviously noticed!