Aires Technologies: Aries Shield ExtremeCell Phone Radiation Neutralizer
Advanced 24-vector Microprocessor and Innovative Antenna System

State of the art technology for neutralizing cell phone
radiation, verified by genuine clinical studies.
(Not made in China)

Yes, you can find “cell phone anti-radiation stickers” all over the internet for a few cents or a few dollars. These products are usually made in China and have no clinical evidence verifying their efficacy. The Aires Shield Extreme has clinical research backing and verifying its effectiveness. The Aires Shield Extreme offers EMF protection that is well worth the price!

Aires Technologies Cell Phone Radiation Neutralizer / Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralizer
Aires Shield Extreme, with an advanced 24-vector microprocessor and innovative antenna system, protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation from the device it is applied to. Based on the latest research by AIRES New Medical Technologies Foundation, the Aires Shield Extreme is the first of its kind, with numerous awards, certifications and patents as tribute to its success.

Aires Shield Extreme helps counteract the significant health issues related to EMF/EMR and wireless radiation.
The mass usage of cellular devices, like smart phones, wifi computer’s, electrical appliances and the millions and millions of miles of power-lines have only amplified the amount of EMR (or electromagnetic radiation) in our modern societies. You may not even realize it, but EMR is affecting your body almost every day. If you talk on your cell phone for more than two hours in a week it is negatively influencing your bodies chemistry, especially your central nervous system. It has been scientifically proven that EMR can deteriorate the bodies central nervous system, causing a number of physiological disorders that may result in and manifest in increased stress, headaches (including migraines), depression, insomnia and neuroses.

Robust Application and Versatility
Aires Shield Extreme can be applied to virtually any device that emits harmful electromagnetic radiation; larger devices (i.e. microwave ovens) however, may need multiple units for sufficient efficiency. The device is seamless, non-intrusive and non-interfering with communication frequencies.

How does the Aires Shield Extreme actually work?
Explaining how the Aires Shield Extreme works is rather simple. Our modern technologies emit EMR, you can think of these as chaotic radio-waves that can be harmful to our bodies. The Aires Shield Extreme, in technical terms is an FDL or a special fractal diffraction lattice. The Aires Shield Extreme takes these harmful radio-waves and reduces them into a more coherent state that is much less harmful to the human body. If you want to think of it in a science-fiction way, it quite-literally creates a force field around your device that protects anyone that uses the device it is applied too. Scientific studies have shown that the Aires Shield reduces the electrical intensity emitted from devices by as much as 99.6% rendering them almost completely harmless.

Awards and Certificates
Our modern society heavily relies upon the use of technology, especially cell phones to function, so this problem isn’t going to fix itself. The solution to this modern conundrum was then taken up by Aires Technologies. They spent years developing the Aires Shield and brought it out in the year 2002. It won numerous awards and certificates, including the gold medal of the 51st World Salon of Innovations, Scientific Developments and New Technologies in “Brussels-Eureka 2002.”

Directions for use
Attention! Take care to ensure that you use a proper surface that is completely flat, smooth and clean for the Aires Shield Extreme. The adhesive layer has a high quality of adhesion so an attempt to relocate the device to another place on the device or a separate device could violate the layer integrity.

Carefully remove the layer of protective paper from the device and stick it firmly to the surface of the electrical device. If you are applying the Aires Shield to a more powerful device such as a PC monitor, television or microwave oven it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions in the picture. Placing the Aires Shield at the points indicated will greatly increase its effect.

Aires Shield FAQ

Does it work? Has it been proven?
It works by transforming EMR into a normalized (coherent) form. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around the electronic device, it also matches it to that of a human, thus eliminating the need for the body to waste further effort fighting the effects of EMR. It has been proven by several studies conducted by scientific, medical, and physics institutes.

How effective is it?
Its effectiveness can be verified using specialized diagnostic equipment. Thorough research and testing has been conducted by a variety of independent parties that proves its effectiveness.

Where should I attach it for the best results?
On the area that emits the most radiation, i.e. antenna, battery, power supply, etc.

What devices can I use it on?
It can be used on most electronic devices that have a flat surface that the adhesive layer of Aires Shield can be applied to such as: notebook computers, tablets, phones, wireless routers, televisions, microwave ovens, and other household appliances.

Is one Aires Shield enough for my device?
One is enough for small devices, i.e. tablets, phones, etc. For large or high-radiation devices such as microwave ovens, TVs etc., using several Aires Shields is recommended. The recommended quantity of Aires Shield units is dependent on the amount of radiation emitted.

How long can I expect it to work?
If its microprocessor has not sustained physical damaged and the Aires Shield’s original adhesive layer has not been separated from the device it was originally applied to, it can be used for a virtually infinite period of time.

What is the technology and how does it work?
The technology is coherent transformation of EMR. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around the electronic device, it also matches it to that of a human, thus eliminating the need for the body to waste further effort fighting the effects of EMR.

Can I use it if my device is enclosed, i.e. in a cellphone case?
You can, but the effectiveness will be somewhat reduced (roughly 30%).

Is it reusable?
No, you can apply it to a device once. The microprocessor will be damaged if you try to remove it and re-apply it elsewhere.

Will it affect my cellphone/Wi-Fi connection or cause other interference?
It will not interfere with the operation of your devices.

How long is the warranty?
One year from the date of purchase.

Can the Aires Shield damage the surface of my phone?
After removing the Aires Shield a small amount of adhesive may remain, but it can be easily removed. Applying the Aires Shield to a screen is not advised, because it may cause damage.

Are there any health risks?
No negative effects on human health have been observed.

For Those Who Enjoy More Complex Scientific Explanations

How the Aires Shield works
According to modern scientific knowledge, everything is electromagnetic in nature. A material’s crystal lattice is a certain ordered, periodic field structure. Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian Nobel laureate and one of the founders of quantum physics, was the first to express this idea.

The implication is that any material structure creates a periodic electromagnetic field (superposition) and is itself supported by this field. Every change in the field causes a change in the properties exhibited by its material structure. And conversely, modifying a material’s structure changes its electromagnetic superposition.

The well-known physical phenomenon of resonant wave functions has always been the consistent coherence of radiation interacting as a space-time coherent transformation of the amplitude, phases, and polarization of the interacting objects.

Thus, the most effective agent to affect any kind of substance is an electromagnetic field. This process involves destructively interfering with field structures or the system of wave functions. If randomly-structured electromagnetic fields are sufficiently harmonized, they become coherent.

The human body is a hyperclustered entity that is an open self-regulating system, especially as it forms. In accordance with the principles of self-organization and the physics of open systems, the body is constantly bombarded from without by an influx of matter or energy.

Because any material structure, including a biological structure, creates a periodic, electromagnetic field of chemical bonds, and is itself supported by this field, the most striking agent of external influence is the corresponding electromagnetic field. Interaction is possible given extremely weak applied energy – not only when the structures of an external electromagnetic field and an organism have similar dimensions, but also when they have multiple large-scale similarities.

It can be argued that through the three-dimensional cancellation of contrary wavefronts and their derivative superpositions, which is essentially a structurally-dependent space-time coherent transformation of the electromagnetic radiation of the objects, it is possible to induce the most unbiased level of conflict-free interaction.

Research into the effect of coherent transformers – A case study on the Aires Shield

While studying the effect of the electromagnetic field of fractal matrices, a space-time-, amplitude-frequency coherent transformation was observed. This resulted in the creation of a number of unique products to effectively correct electromagnetic anomalies in one’s environment.

At the heart of the Aires Shield is the Aires microprocessor, located in the center of a resonator antenna (a metallic topological circuit), superimposed on the surface of a self-adhesive film. The microcircuitry and antenna are covered from above with a transparent compound in order to reliably register and protect against external effects.

The Aires coherent transformer is a circular fractal diffraction grating, which functions as a universal (forward and inverse) Fourier filter.

The Aires microprocessor is:

– A phase Fourier filter (analyzer) of three-dimensional frequencies that isolates a discrete mesh of frequencies in incoming and outgoing electromagnetic radiation; a generator of a strictly ordered field grid structure that destructively interferes (forward and inverse Fourier transformation) with the electromagnetic fields it interacts with; graphically synthesized holograms that form a stable space-time field structure with regular maxima and minima, and well-balanced relationship between frequencies and amplitudes.

– Thus, the Aires microprocessor is a space-time-amplitude-frequency coherent transformer that is also a universal, three-dimensional Fourier filter. It differentiates the oscillations of any type of electromagnetic field (baseline, man-made, and biological radiation) into their harmonic parts, while simultaneously integrating the resulting subforms into a maximally coherent matrix (hologram) in terms of amplitude, frequency, phase, and interaction graphs. Upon interacting with the Aires microprocessor, electromagnetic radiation is differentiated and restructured, automatically smoothing anomalous peaks in a wide range of frequencies. This then generates a short-range field with a self-similar, fractal structure (e.g. a hologram) that can cancel out external electromagnetic fields with destructive interference.

Because the Aires Shield is both a microprocessor and a resonator antenna, consisting of regularly arranged fractal structures, its operation can be understood by comparison with the well-known effects of a diffraction grating.

Due to the fact that the maximum distance between the topological rings on the Aires Shield’s microprocessor is approximately 5 µm, the structure acts as a diffraction grating for thermal radiation from the human body, interfering with and normalizing it.

The distance between the topological lines on the Aires Shield’s antenna are roughly 2 µm, making it a diffraction grating for electromagnetic radiation in the micrometer range, which also corresponds to radiation from the human body.

Thus, the Aires microprocessor affects the space-time structure of physical fields by creating normalized and coherent three-dimensional fractal structures without causing them information overload.