Blushield Testimonials – Blushield Active EMF Protection Technology

“I have a background in biology and have extensively studied the effects of EMF on health. I also experience negative symptoms when in wireless fields, including effects on energy levels, sleep disturbances, headaches and food cravings. I am quite skeptical about devices claiming to protect one from EMF. However, about a year ago I was living in a place that I couldn’t avoid exposure to wireless fields, so I gave the Blushield Portable a try. I noticed I felt less stressed, more relaxed and calm, with less headaches and food cravings. Overall, using the Blushield gives me a subtle but definite sense of greater well-being. I still reduce my exposure to EMF in my environment as much as possible, but I keep the Blushield Portable under my pillow at night and always keep it with me when I’m traveling. It’s become an essential health aid with the widespread proliferation of wireless technology.” – C.K., Ph.D. (Medical Sciences), CMT

“Blushield products are what I have been using at home and in the Nexus office. For the first time I have found something that actually works. Now I’m telling everyone. – D.R., NEXUS Magazine

  “Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. ‘Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.’ So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients who bought the Blushield products, it’s like witnessing a domino effect of better health. Pulses change for the better, complexion improved, and much more emotional stability. Less addiction tendencies, it’s almost as if they have had successful therapy and realized the change.” – R.M.D., Dipl. Acu. (Diplomat of Acupuncture)

• “As soon as I turned on my Blushield Portable, I immediately noticed a subtle yet palpable field surround me. My internal rhythm feels steadier, calmer and more peaceful. I sleep with it under my pillow and find I’m sleeping better.  I’ve come to love this little ‘pocket pal’ and carry it everywhere. Finally, a real EMF protection devise!” P.M., Conscious Leadership Coach, Founder and CEO, PlanetVision

“I’ve used other EMF products but nothing comes close to this. Where I work, practicing Oriental Medicine, the church next door put up a cell phone tower. Another went up where I live. My sleep became disrupted and ears started ringing. So, I try this Blushield Plug-In and go through some detox for a couple days. I never thought this would happen, but it did. I had some dizziness, aches and light sleep, but it kicked in the third day with deep sleep. The kind that weighs down your body. My energy is now high, but mentally there is also a difference in my attitude. At my clinic, the patients that don’t normally relax, now go into a deep rest like sleep. I know the device improves the sessions. All I can feel is Gratitude for such a wonderful product and a big thank you to Neil for informing me with  his expertise in EMFs. I’ve ordered the Portable Blushield and am looking forward to be continually balanced and in control of my immediate surroundings.”
– R.D., Acupuncturist

“This device absolutely works! Before installing this Blushield Plug-In device, it was difficult to get a good night sleep and I would always wake up feeling exhausted. Not anymore. Even the kids are sleeping through the night now. It feels still and restful like we’re living out in the country even though we’re still in an apartment surrounded by WiFi signals. I definitely recommend this product.” – J.M., Solar Installer

• “This is the BEST EMF Protection device I’ve ever had and believe me I’ve tried many of them. I love it because it is portable and I carry it with me everywhere, especially in cars where the EMF count is extremely high. My body can really feel the difference when I have it on me and the best part is that the battery lasts for over a year even if you have it on 24/7. High quality and beautiful design.” – A.M.

“I turned it on and within 30 minutes my brain fog lifted. Also, slept 6 hours straight deeply, not usual for me. Had it under my pillow. Very clear thinking this morning.” – W.D.

“Being highly sensitive to discordant frequencies, I am fortunate to be living with a minimal of exposure to EMF and RF. However, when I go into a larger town I feel the impact strongly. The most prominent symptoms are unusual food cravings, foggy thinking, overwhelm, and feeling completely drained at the end of the day. Now that I carry the Blushield with me, I notice a considerable difference in my state of well-being. I don’t have food cravings, I feel calm and balanced throughout the day and am able to maintain mental focus. I also let a friend use my Blushield who had to do internet work in a public WiFi space. When she returned my precious little device, she shared how most often she would have reached her tolerance of microwave radiation discomfort within 2 hours, now she had worked 6 hours straight and had felt good and clear all the time. It was literally a life changing experience for her. The Blushield truly makes a difference!”
– Y.P., Massage and Breathwork Therapist

“I have had my first Blushield device since November 2014. From the very start of turning my Smartshield on I experienced immediate, tangible results. I purchased it originally because I am sensitive to EMFs and had recently begun using the new iPhone 6plus, which puts out the highest level of EMF permissible by law for a phone. But the bonus benefit, to my surprise, was how the Blushield affected my husband’s sleep. After placing it by my bedside for one week, my husband who is a complete skeptic (and doesn’t believe EMFs affect us on any level) started to remark how well he had been sleeping through the night. This is a man who rarely sleeps more than 2 to 3 hours at a stretch, was now sleeping deeply for 6 hour stretches! I did not tell him I was using this device until the weekend I left my device with a friend, and he woke and said he had not slept well. And for me personally, I began to recall my dreams again after many years of not remembering! My sleep was now deep and resonant. That’s when I had to buy the second unit for my husband to use when I am out of town traveling with my own Blushield. I am a happy and grateful customer!” – B.L.

“After taking the Blushield Portable out of the box and turning it on, the effects were not immediately noticeable. However, after several hours I felt as if I was no longer tired and able to think clearer. After my first night of sleep with this thing I was sold, I had the most peaceful and vivid dreams. I am a firm believer that frequencies are everything. I also feel as if my cat is much calmer and more relaxed than I’ve ever seen it. If you are really in tune with yourself, you will definitely be able to notice a substantial difference.” – J.R.A.

“Yes, I would be most happy to praise your fabulous Blushield Plug-In! It has had a marked affect on my 96 year old darling husband! He has more energy and does not complain about back pain any more! What a BLESSING!! Thank you very much.” – M.M.

Well worth having! I even sleep with mine, find myself more restful. – R.H.

“I needed help with EMF protection when I started a job that required use of an iPhone. (I had never used one, and admittedly have a sensitive system.) That first week I was in such pain in my head, temples and ears from that phone, I was afraid I’d have to give up the job. Upon hearing about the Blushield, I immediately bought one on the advice of a trusted friend, and it has been a life saver! Not only does it allow me to work with relatively no pain, I also sleep with it and have found it enhances my sleep as well. With all the research on the serious health dangers of cell phone radiation, I definitely recommend the Blushield to protect your health and life.” – D.D., B.A., Artist, Author, Permaculture Educator

“Since using the Blushield I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my health. Within the first twelve hours of use I experienced a marked reduction in stress and continued use has created more energy, better quality sleep and interestingly, no more palpitations when I use my Smartphone. It’s as if I’m surrounded in a field of CALM. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.” – S.S.

“Both myself and my wife have noticed a big improvement in our home after using the Blushield Plug-In. Prior to using the Blushield we were both experiencing headaches and a feeling of heaviness caused by our own WiFi and that of our neighbors. Our neighbor also has a smart meter, fortunately at the furthest point from our house, but as the EMF radiation travels through walls we realized it must still be affecting us. We have tried explaining the dangers of these smart meters to both of our neighbors, but they both just looked at us with a vacant stare as though we had landed from Mars. We knew we had to do something and found the Blushield. After plugging the device in, within a few hours we noticed a calmness coming back into our home and are feeling more at ease. We have also noticed our dogs are calmer. We highly recommend the Blushield Plug-In, and strongly recommend if you are thinking of having a ‘smart meter’ installed, please do not, you will live to regret the day you do!” – K.F., BA Business Studies

“Upon receipt of my Blushield Portable, I unwrapped the package and held the pleasingly small device admiring the Apple-like, esthetic appeal. Cool, I thought, but will it DO anything? I turned it on and immediately experienced a palpable vibration emitting from it. I had guests at the time, whom required WiFi (which I usually keep turned OFF) and I desperately needed a nap. Usually, when the Wifi is on, I have a difficult time falling asleep. However, with the Blushield on (I held it in my hand), I dropped off into a deep slumber. What I experienced was that the Blushield was creating an electrically protective field which prevented the Wifi’s EMF from passing through it. It felt as if I had a personal cocoon benevolently wrapped around me. This little buddy is going with me everywhere I travel, as I am easily affected negatively when bombarded with cell phone signals, smart meters and the ever-present Wifi EMF’s.”
– S.L., BFA, CMT, Warm-Water Holistic Therapist, Founder of Fluid Presence

“The product works. It’s subtle but you feel it after some time. You’ll feel more balanced and focused. Also your stamina will increase in due time.” – E.S.

“I would like to comment on the Blushield Portable. As you have noticed, I have not asked for a refund. I actually found peace now through this very trying time of living in an area that is a constant [EMF] assault on the body. I found that I sleep better. Here we have the constant ‘hum’ sound, it is overwhelming and with the Blushield, I can sleep, be rested the next day, and have a functional life. I shall save my money to get the Blushield Plug-In for my home. This is an excellent product; it SAVED my life. Thank you…I am very happy.” – R.D.H.

“The Blushield Portable unit is ideal for my pocket or bag. Since turning it on — in the car, going out, shopping etc., we have noticed a calmer more comfortable atmosphere, less brain fatigue and clearer thinking, which helps coping with all the noise and unwanted electrical charge in supermarkets and shops. The Portable is a “must have” for this day and age. We also purchased the whole house Plug-In, and this gives our home a calmer feel. This is even noticeable when working at my computer. I am more alert for longer, while remaining more relaxed when under any work pressure. We wouldn’t be without it.” – C.M.

“My husband and I are both very pleased with the Blushield portables as well as the Whole House Plug-In. We received the Portables first. I immediately turned mine on, put it in my pants pocket and felt circulation in my spine where my disk has been herniated for a few years. I was stunned and elated. On the first day my husband took his to work, he found he had more energy and mental clarity. We both wear ours every place we go. When the Plug-In arrived, we also noticed a difference. We felt more relaxed. And one of our cats had been biting herself on her back ever since we adopted her last year. It has been heartbreaking because we feed her well and she didn’t have fleas. She has not bitten herself since we’ve had the Blushield Plug-In.” – M.S.


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