Radio Frequency EMF Meter
EMF Meters for Measuring Wireless Radiation

radio frequency emf meter acousticom 2 electrosmog detector

Acousticom 2 Radio Frequency Detector. Small, portable, affordable, highly sensitive and accurate! Alerts you to wireless radiation exposure using various color LEDs, based upon safe to dangerous levels of radio frequency radiation exposure.

radio frequency emf meters acoustimeter RF meter model am-10

Acoustimeter Radio Frequency Meter Model AM-10. The ‘best friend’ a person can have for discerning the modern day exposure levels of wireless radiation from cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless devices.

As we know, the entire world is now being exposed to a literal ‘grid’ of wireless (radio frequency/microwave) radiation. Every country has cell towers. Most every home has cordless phones, wireless internet modems or routers, microwave ovens, wireless gaming and bluetooth devices, the list goes on. All of these wireless devices radiate unhealthy levels of radio frequency (microwave) radiation, proven by independent doctors, scientists and researchers to be detrimental to our health and well-being.

To maintain our physical and psychological health within the matrix of this modern wireless revolution, we must make wise and informed choices regarding where we live and work. Since radio frequency radiation is invisible, yet still highly toxic to the human system, we need to see and measure its presence. For this, one needs a Radio Frequency Meter/Detector.

An RF Meter will give you the empowered ability to measure and clearly see the ambient levels of radio frequency/microwave radiation in any environment! With an RF Meter you can check an apartment, home, office or neighborhood before you choose to live or work there, making an informed and empowered decision.

Friends, I provide EMF assessment and consulting professionally. I been interviewed on radio shows and have created the EMF Safety Zone Channel on YouTube, educating people around the world about the dangers of radio frequency radiation. I have purchased and used a number of RF/MW meters. The meters I offer here are two of the best. The Acoustimeter RF Meter AM-10 is absolutely my first choice and favorite meter. For those who would prefer a less expensive unit that is more of a simple ‘detector’, the Acousticom 2 is also incredibly sensitive, accurate, yet gives a bit less information than the Acoustimeter.

Both the RF Meters offered here are easy to use, accurate, well built, and very sensitive. These meters give you the ability to see and discern otherwise invisible radio frequency radiation. This can be highly empowering when trying to make informed choices about where you want to live or work. It is a fact that most neighborhoods or cities are filled with cell towers. In addition, even if you eliminate wireless devices from your own home or apartment, neighbors with wireless devices will be exposing you to RF radiation penetrating through the walls of adjoined condominiums, apartments and even houses with a small distance between them. For those concerned about their health, living near cell towers or between neighbors with wireless devices is not a wise choice!

You may purchase or read more about both of these excellent Radio Frequency Meters by clicking on the photos. We offer the lowest price on the net!
5.0 out of 5 stars The best consumer grade RF meter on the market, By Charles Keen

 This review is for: Acoustimeter AM-10 Radio Frequency Meter
I have concluded that the Acoustimeter is the best consumer grade RF meter on the market at this time. Our company performs professional RF testing, but there are many residential clients that we cannot serve, and the best we can do is offer a recommendation for self-testing. This is the meter we recommend. Testing alongside our high-end equipment shows very favorable results, clearly the best of any other meters on the market at less than $2,000. In addition to that, it is extremely user-friendly, and the sound output plus flashing lights provides valuable information on the signals being measured. This instrument was purchased as a loaner meter to send out to clients under contract for other services. Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 starsLove it! Great way to find and eliminate microwave radiation By Maureen

This review is for: Acousticom 2 Radio Frequency Meter
Love it! Fits in my purse and I can take it while traveling to find sources of wireless microwave radiation. WiFi gives me headaches and this helps me to find and remove the problem.