1) Remove all electric, cord-powered devices from the side of your bed, they radiate unhealthy levels of magnetic and electrical fields. Use a battery operated clock/alarm.

2) Remove all wireless devices from the side of your bed and bedroom. Limit the use of all personal wireless devices; they are extremely detrimental to your health.

3) Remove and replace compact fluorescent bulbs with conventional incandescent or LED bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs increase high frequency transients (dirty electricity). Also replace fluorescent and halogen lamps with conventional ones, these types of lamps also increase the levels of dirty electricity in your home/office.

4) Replace all cordless phones in the home with corded phones. Cordless phones transmit extremely unhealthy levels of radio frequency radiation all around your home, just like small cell phone towers.

5) Consider investing in an EMF Meter (AC Gauss Meter) and/or an (RF) Radio Frequency Detector. These meters will help you see, discern and measure invisible magnetic, electric and radio frequency fields which are unhealthy to be exposed to on a consistent basis.

6) Hardwire your computer using an ethernet cord and disable the wireless function on the modem or router. At the very least, turn your wireless modem off at night while you sleep. Do not use wireless baby monitors, they are not healthy.

7) Replace dimmer switches with conventional switches. Dimmer switches also increase the levels of dirty electricity in your home and office.

8) Change your metallic bed frame for a wooden one. The metal frame acts as a conductor and transmitter of electrical fields from the wiring in the home and affects the body. Replace your metallic coil spring mattress with one without metal (futon, latex, etc).

9) Move your wooden bed frame away from the wall about 12″ to 14” so as to get your head further away from electric fields emanating from the wiring in the wall.

10) Turn off circuits (breakers) affecting the bedroom before going to sleep. You can install a remote control demand switch to turn circuits off at night.

11) Plant trees between your house and power lines, the trees absorb and ground the electric fields radiating from the power lines.

12) Identify miswired circuits in your home and have them corrected.

13) Install Greenwave Microsurge Filters in your home and office to remediate unhealthy levels of dirty electricity.