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NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users

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By Dr. Mercola – Originally posted at on mercola.com
If you think the jury’s still out on whether cell phones can be dangerous to your health, then you might want to take the time to listen to this video from the Environmental Health Trust (www.ehtrust.org). Dr. Devra Davis, author of “Disconnect–The Truth About […]

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Modern Madness and the Fall of Man

Radio Frequency Antennas and Towers Across the USA.

Controversial Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought

Robert J. Szczerba ,  Exploring the future of science and tech.
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Republished from Forbes Tech Jan 2015

Most parents would be concerned if their children had significant exposure to lead, chloroform, gasoline fumes, or the pesticide DDT.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRIC), part of the United […]

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10 Shocking Facts about the Health Dangers of Wi-Fi

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Originally Published by Global Healing Center on April 2, 2014, Last Updated on October 2, 2015

Wi-Fi is convenient but many have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that permeate everything around us. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have performed dozens of […]

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The Debate is Over

Wi-Fi alert: School officials may be personally liable for exposing children to wireless radiation

(NaturalHealth365) School districts, school boards and school medical health officers in Canada have been notified that Lloyd’s of London has now excluded any liability coverage for injuries, “directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, […]

The Radiation Poisoning Of America

By Amy Worthington
Global Research, October 09, 2007
Idaho Observer 7 October 2007

Prior to 1996, the wireless age was not coming online fast enough, primarily because communities had the authority to block the siting of cell towers. But the Federal Communications Act of 1996 made it nearly impossible for communities to stop construction of cell towers […]

U.K. expert warns against Wi-Fi

By: San Grewal Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Aug 26 2010
The debate surrounding potentially dangerous Wi-Fi networks in schools has been put to rest by the Ontario education ministry, which feels that if Health Canada endorses the technology as safe, end of story.

But Barrie Trower, a British physicist who carried out research for […]

Protect your children from cell phone and WiFi radiation before it’s too late

Barrie Trower, a physicist and former British Secret Service Microwave Weapons Specialist, said he came out of retirement because microwave technology that was used for weapons is now being used in schools.

Speaking at the University of Toronto recently, Mr. Trower said he refuses all gifts and all money; consequently he tells it “exactly as […]

Electrical Sensitivity as an Emerging Illness

What is electrical sensitivity? Perhaps you are already familiar with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) whereby the patient develops symptoms from exposure to ordinary levels of synthetic chemicals in common use such as perfumes, pesticides, and household cleaning products. Electrical sensitivity (ES), another environmentally triggered illness, produces symptoms in the patient exposed to common levels […]

Creating a Safer, More Comfortable, and Healthier Home and Office

1) Remove all electric, cord-powered devices from the side of your bed, they radiate unhealthy levels of magnetic and electrical fields. Use a battery operated clock/alarm.

2) Remove all wireless devices from the side of your bed and bedroom. Limit the use of all personal wireless devices; they are extremely detrimental to your health.

3) Remove […]