Love Your Neighbor: Cellular Radiation Mindfulness

As most of us are aware, it is almost impossible to attend any music gathering, potluck, meditation or yoga group, movie or symposium without being exposed dangerous levels of microwave radiation emitting from everyone’s phones! This is not healthy for the owner of the phone nor for those around them, and this is not mutually caring and respectful.

Click on the banner below to save or print. This is an excellent message for websites, social media and as a full size flyer for posting to bulletin boards. This message is short, kind and inspiring. Please help it go viral! This message is a request to group leaders, teachers and guides in every field to inspire a new trend of Cellular Radiation Mindfulness.

Please download the banner and save it to your computer. Send this timely message out through your email lists, post the banner on social media sites, print it out and place it on local bulletin boards. Thanks!