Personal Regeneration and Pain Relief Technology
State-of-the-Art Portable Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

– Easy-to-use pulsed magnetic field therapy device with
three programs. Used successfully for many years to
relieve pain. Approved as a medical device throughout
the EU (Medical Product Laws, Class II b).

– Activates the body’s regeneration and self-healing
processes in a natural way and supports its

– Place onto or next to the body, on the solar plexus
or directly on affected area. Unit turns off automatically
after 10 minutes. Can be switched on again immediately.
Too much use is not possible. Medicur Pro provides a
sphere of magnetic influence to 31.5 inches.

– No leads or complicated settings. Fits snugly in the hand
allowing you to take it wherever you wish. Perfectly
portable for travel.

– Medicur Pro can be used 3 times a day or more for
10 minutes each treatment. Results are expected
in just 2 – 6 weeks.

– Users can continue to use Medicur Pro for a lifetime
to manage recurring or new conditions.

– Developed by Dr. W. Ludwig for generating an
electromagnetic biofield as found in nature. Each of
the 3 programs also provides the frequency resonance
of the 64 essential trace elements (Geomagnetic frequencies)
and Solar Frequencies. This is a unique process
developed by Dr. Ludwig.

Having studied Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy and Biomagnetic Therapy for well over 15 years, I am very partial to well designed, quality devices that provide the body with natural magnetic fields! This is not a ‘subtle energy’ device. It provides a very real, physical and measurable pulsed magnetic field with highly specific frequencies. This unit is not being sold an ‘EMF protection’ device!

The Medicur Pro, although mostly advertised for ‘pain relief’ is also an excellent portable unit for helping the body recover from too much exposure to various forms of EMF radiation. This is why I am offering this unit on this website. For example, while traveling, the unit can be placed under the pillow at night for headaches, brain fog or to assist sleep when in wireless environments. It can be worn over the solar plexus for enhancing one’s energy and for balancing the body on long drives or for the stress of travel.

The healthy magnetic fields can be measured over 2 feet from the unit, showing the magnetic fields are easily and positively penetrating and influencing the body, tissues and muscles on a deep level. I am very fond of owning a device like this considering how polluted the world is getting with various forms of EMF exposure! This is a gem of portable PEMF therapy device.

The MEDICUR Pro offers three different programs/frequencies for alleviation of pain, balance, energizing and regeneration. Use it as required with its relaxing, balancing or activating function. A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study conducted with the MEDICUR at King’s College Hospital in London proves the efficacy of 7.8 Hz for knee arthrosis according to academic medicine criteria. The biometric evaluation demonstrated a highly significant effect and pain relief. In addition to the two different programs/frequencies of 3 Hz and 20 Hz, you can also select 7.8 Hz, the principle value of the Schumann frequency spectrum. The MEDICUR Pro always generates the ‘Geomagnetic’ frequencies and the ‘Solar’ frequencies – which are in each of the 3 programs you can choose.

Schumann Frequency

Discovered in 1952 by the physician Winfried Otto Schumann.This is a frequency that is permanently maintained between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere through electrical discharge (thunderstorms and lightning). The result is a so called transversal magnetic wave with a fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz – the Schumann frequency. The range of its harmonics even reach the megahertz area. A part of the brain of all mammals, the hippocampus, also oscillates with 7.8 Hz. Among other things the hippocampus is important for concentration and alertness.

Geomagnetic Frequencies

These are the natural oscillations of 64 trace elements such as ferrite, natrium, calcium, etc. that are contained in the earth’s crust. Each of these trace elements has its own characteristic oscillation pattern. The natural terrestrial magnetic field receives and transfers these oscillation patterns – called “modulation”. Thus, in natural surroundings we are permanently in touch with the information of the trace elements. According to measurements from geologists and medical scientists the earth’s crust contains the same trace elements as the erythrocytes, the red blood cells – nearly in the same ratio with each other.

Solar Frequencies

The sun is another source of important signals for us. It has manifold frequency spectra – most of them do not reach the earth’s surface. The atmosphere has two “windows” that let through different types of the sun’s waves to the earth: visible light and ultrashort waves. There is a corresponding ultrashort wave to every visible light frequency. These are the Solar frequencies.

Medicur Pro is a Class lla Medical device for drug-free pain relief. This personal pain relief device has been designed to reduce the pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and back pain. It is primarily intended for unsupervised self-treatment by a person in a home setting.

Based on the long-established science of pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy (PEMF), Medicur Pro actively creates complex electromagnetic fields that act at a cellular level within the body to reduce pain.

The Medicur Pro device was initially developed to naturally treat patients with chronic pain in NHS hospitals. Its effectiveness and ease of use has made it such a success that Medicur Pro is now used within the NHS pain management service and also available for home use to anyone who suffers from the pain associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Medicur Pro is a safe and natural treatment, which can be used on its own to reduce chronic pain and safely alongside medicines without any contraindications.

Simple and East to Use

Place the Medicur Pro within 12 inches of the area you wish to treat. When activated, Medicur Pro provides pain relief by promoting the natural healing process, including regeneration of bone and tissue. Works by releasing gentle, electromagnetic emissions which penetrate deep into affected areas.

Medicur Pro can also promote the release of beta-endorphins and boost the immune system, thus slowing the progression of existing disease and helping to prevent the onset of further health disorders. Scientifically proven to be a valuable healing aid, PEMF can combat and prevent a whole range of health problems.

Medicur may be the way forward in treatment of joint pain

Osteoarthritis affects different joints in some 80 percent of people ages over 75, with the knee joints showing evidence of damage in the majority. Most sufferers require medication with pain killers or regular treatment with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) but these may cause unacceptable side effects. Physical agents such as heat, cold, strapping and electrical devices are used with varying benefit.

Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic radiation (PEMF) has been used for many years to control pain and there is experimental evidence that it has beneficial effects on some cells involved in joints. A double-blind controlled trial in patients with knee arthritis at the Rheumatology department at King’s College Hospital, London, used Medicur, a PEMF device, for the treated group and an identical looking but inactive machine for the others. This small device has an automatic timer and can even treat both knees at once as the magnetic radiations penetrate up to 30cm. It is held in place with an easily applied velcro strap, and an internal battery means there are no trailing wires.

Neither staff nor any of the 69 patients taking part, 34 treated and 35 using the dummy device, were aware of their treatment group. When the code was broken after the year long study there was a statistically significant benefit in reduction of pain and disability in those using the active Medicur. Unipolar magnetism certainly helps to relieve pain and may have other beneficial effects. It is officially approved in the USA for example for helping delayed healing of bone fractures.

What conditions has PEMF had success with?

Many people have reported that PEMF has successfully treated the pain of all types of arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism, shingles, neuralgia, migrain and headaches, aching muscles and stiff joints, chronic fatigue and M.S. Medicur therapy is also used for the treatment of stress, tension, depression and insomnia.

What other benefits will the user get from the Medicur Pro unit?

As well as providing pain relief and promoting the healing process, there is evidence that PEMF has the additional benefits of boosting the immune system, improving circulation, restoring sleep patterns, boosting energy levels and giving a general feeling of well-being.

Can Medicur Pro be used anywhere on the body?

Yes. Medicur Pro is perfectly safe to use anywhere on the body and is safe to use with replacement joints or implants.

How long has Medicur Pro therapy been used?

Medicur Pro has successfully used for over 25 years, during which time it has undergone considerable clinical evaluation.

When can the user expect relief?

Many people experience benefits very quickly and full benefits can be noticed by 4 to 6 weeks.

What will the user feel?

Most people will not feel any sensation when using Medicur Pro.

Technical Data:

Magnetic Frequencies: 3.0 / 7.8 / 20 Hz
Physiological range: 80 cm / 31.5 inches in diameter
Battery: 9 Volt block battery
(not included because of shipping regulations)
Weight: 120 g / 4.2 ounces
Size: 2.5 x 7.6 x 11 cm / 1.0 x 3.0 x 4.3 inches
Included: MEDICUR, velcro strap, manual
Warranty: 10 years