EMF Consulting

Take the complexity, confusion and stress out of the entire EMF issue!

I have studied this subject for many years and have much experience I can share with you. An EMF consultation will save time, energy, expense and frustration. Your questions will be answered, concerns alleviated and suggestions provided for the best approach to most any situation or challenge. In a 20-minute consultation, costing only $50.00 USD, I provide you with priceless and concise information that will save you time, unnecessary expense and stress! Please click here or on the link in the right sidebar to purchase a 20-minute EMF consultation.

People have many questions regarding various aspects of the electromagnetic field (EMF) issue, from exposure levels to health symptoms, various forms of remediation, to EMF protection devices. Your questions and concerns will be addressed respectfully and quickly resolved.

A consultation provides insight and suggestions for the following EMF related subjects:

1) Electric and magnetic field (low level EMF) exposure in the home and office.
2) Dirty Electricity (high frequency transients). This form of EMF is dealt with in a specific way for grid-connected homes. For solar powered, off-grid homes, the issue is handled in a different and specific manner.
3) Wireless (microwave) radiation from various devices such as routers, modems, printers, mice, keyboards, baby monitors, smart meters, cell towers, and so forth.
4) Shielding rooms from wireless  radiation exposure and other alternative suggestions when you cannot control the exposure levels where you live or work.
5) Grounding (earthing) is a very controversial subject and needs to be handled with clarity and expertise.

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An Acoustimeter AM-10 meter displaying the microwave radiation transmitting from a wireless internet modem. Notice the LED light on the left side of the meter is at the peak capacity of the meter!