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Resources for EMF education and protection

In regard to the dangers of wireless radiation, the first thing many people say is: “Where is the evidence?” This question arises because many want to rationalize their use of a toxic technology for the sake convenience. This question also arises because wireless radiation does not immediately kill anyone. The biological effects are cumulative. Thus, the dangers are not apparent at first.

The detrimental biological effects of microwave radiation exposure accumulate over time. Thus, if one is not feeling any bad effects when using their cell phone or living in a home with wireless devices, it is easy to justify their use. However, symptoms can and do manifest over a period of time. And since wireless radiation is invisible, it is difficult to track the origin of what is causing one’s health issues. When a person is not feeling well, suffering from brain fog or sleep disorders, headaches, etc., one usually does not realize these symptoms can be caused by the cellular tower down the street, the wireless internet modem, or the cordless phone in their own home!

Independent (not telecom industry paid), scientists, doctors and researchers around the world agree, without debate, wireless (microwave) radiation causes negative biological effects even at low levels of exposure. Anyone wanting clinical evidence of this may click the link below and watch these presentations by experts.

EMF / Wireless Radiation Dangers: Clinical Evidence

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields / Martin Blank PhD