RF Microwave Shielding Hood
EMF Protective Hood

Covers the head, neck and thyroid. Highly effective shielding capacity!

– Well designed hood to protect your head and neck/throid from microwave/wireless
radiation from wifi, routers, cell towers, mobile and cordless phones.

– Fabric shielding protection efficiency: Over 45dB (99.995%+) at 1 gigahertz.
Very effective at higher frequencies as well.

– Supplied with drawstring, facilitating tighter facial area
protection when needed.

– Ideal for being in wireless saturated cities, shopping, travel,
general outdoor wear. One size fits all.

– SLine stretch fabric. 50% silver fiber, 50% beechwood.
Soft, cool, very comfortable, antibacterial. No toxic
smells for chemically sensitive people.

The Brain is Protected by the Blood Brain Barrier

The brain is the only organ enclosed in bony plates. Because the brain is so electromagnetically
active and so crucial to survival, it has extra added security, in the form of a physical barrier known
as the blood-brain barrier. Radio frequencies are damaging the blood/brain barrier, allowing pathogens
that were never supposed to reach the brain to travel into the brain tissue. The fact that brain tumors
and brain cancers are increasingly associated with radio frequency exposures would be another
alarming indicator that our technology is not as safe as the telecom industry and its partners would
would like us to believe. Most likely, testing a cellphone’s SAR (specific absorption rate) by measuring
the temperature of a plastic head full of the equivalent of jell-o, and presenting it as scientific evidence
of safety might be recognized as a form of insanity.



RF Shielding Hood EMF Protective HoodI am a professional EMF consultant with years of education. Being extremely sensitive to microwave radiation, and dedicated to protecting people from the present out of control proliferation of wireless radiation, I look for the highest quality EMF protection products. These EMF shielding hoods were designed by an EMF professional who is also EMF sensitive as well. He went all out with the design and spared no expense. There may be similar products, however, they are not the quality of this Leblok RF Shielding Hood. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Leblok RF/Microwave Shielding Hood

Absolutely the highest quality microwave shielding hood available. Made from soft, comfortable, 50% silver fiber and 50% beechwood, with extremely high shielding effectiveness. Unfortunately in today’s wireless saturated world, along with the new 5G technology being proliferated, shielding apparel like this is becoming necessary. This hood is an excellent design, covering the head and neck/thyroid area. You can use the drawstring to tighten the facial area of the hood around the face for more protection. Very high shielding capacity for 3G, 4G and 5G. Perfect for shopping, travel and general outdoor wear. There are other shielding products on the market, but none have been given the attention to quality and detail as this one. Designed by an EMF professional who is also EMF sensitive.


– EMF/Microwave Protection Effectiveness: 45dB (99.995%) @1GHz.
– Highly effective shielding even at higher frequencies.
– Materials: 50% Silver Fiber / 50% Beechwood

A Note About Returns

Absolutely no returns will be accepted or honored if the hat has even the slightest trace of smell from perfume, cologne, personal hair or body care products!