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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through this very important information below before contacting us by phone or email with questions or concerns. We cannot possibly keep up with all of the inquiries coming in because of the present wireless radiation issue! People contact us to share success stories, health issues from wireless exposure, or wanting EMF consulting assistance because they are confused. We care about you, however we cannot meet all of the need and demand at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

5G Protection
Why Our Shielding Products are Superior
Won’t Microwave Radiation Go Inside the Hats or Hood?
Why Can’t I Test Your Products Using My Cellphone or RF Meter?
RF Shielding Headnet and Modem/Router Guard
Will Your Products Stop Ringing in My Ears?
Will Your Products Help a ‘Targeted Individual’?
RF Shielding and Grounding Sleeping Bag
What About the Issues Related to Grounding?
Care and Cleaning of Our RF Shielding Products
Microwave / Radio Frequency Meters

Will our shielding products protect one from 5G technology?

Our shielding products are the highest quality and most effective available for reasons listed below. Understand that most companies do not have the funds to create testing and certification for shielding up into 20, 40, 60 or higher gigahertz ranges. However, we strongly believe that our products will shield very effectively into the higher GHz rangers.

In addition, presently, 5G technology is still using the 3G and 4G frequency bands. 5G is not going to replace existing wireless technologies using 3G and 4G frequencies. Thus, these shielding products will be useful and effective for years to come, and again, they will shield into the higher 5G frequency ranges, just with a bit less shielding percentage. It is not like a product will shield you at 99.992% with 4G, then be worthless in regards to shielding with 5G frequencies. This is not how the science works. At worst, with higher frequencies the shielding effectiveness may drop down a bit to 98% or 97% as an example.

Why our shielding products are superior?

1) Extremely high EMF shielding, covering most existing 3G, 4G and 5G technology.

2) No toxic chemicals or nano-silver are used in our fabrics. Many EMF shielding fabrics and products sold on the market may contain mercury, formaldehyde, or other chemicals. Our fabrics contain a high content of silver thread integrated into the fabric, NOT sprayed on nano-silver like many existing shielding fabrics, which can lose much of their shielding effectiveness after the first wash!

3) Excellent quality shielding fabrics enable high reflection of incoming EMF radiation. The more incoming radiation that is reflected, the lower the level of EMF is absorbed by the body.

4) Highly durable shielding fabrics – maintain their shielding levels after many washes and for many years. If non-aggressive, non-chemical washing powders or liquids are used, our fabrics will have high shielding capacity for many years. Inferior shielding fabrics can lose as much as 50% shielding protection after the first wash.

Won’t microwave radiation get underneath our RF shielding hats, scarves or hoodies through the face, then bounce around inside?

Many people ask this question. The radiation does NOT go through the face into the RF shielding hat, scarf or hoodie, nor gets stuck inside. Here is how it works:
1) The radiation source hits the silver fabric.
2) 99% or more of this radiation is ‘reflected’ off the material.
3) Shielding/protective capacity from the fabric means that only 0.005% of the initial radiation gets through to the body and is absorbed into the body.
4) The tiny electrical field resulting from the 0.005% radiation is conducted by the body. Even without grounding, this level of electrical field is not sufficient enough to power the tiniest watch battery, less than 100th of a volt.
5) If a person were standing in the presence of wi-fi modem or cell tower, one could expect to absorb over 1,000,000 times the level of microwave as compared to wearing a protective shielding product such as we provide.
6) Microwave radiation is mostly absorbed by the skin. It does not penetrate through the exposed face or skull, then bounce around inside the RF shielding hat, scarf or hoodie.

Why can’t I test the efficacy of your shielding products using my cell phone or microwave meter?

Periodically, we receive calls or emails with people saying: “I tested your product with my cell phone and it does not work because I could still receive a call or text.” Or, they used their microwave meter and could still see measurements on the meter when placed inside the RF shielding product.

These inquiries are extremely taxing, time consuming, and a bit disrespectful. We understand and appreciate people wanting to be sure our products work, or being suspicious or inquisitive. However, to test our products, one needs an education on this complex subject as well as the correct equipment! Testing with a cell phone is absolutely not valid or accurate as explained below.

When I was first considering representing these excellent shielding products, I used my EMFields Acousticom 2 microwave meter to test them. I was not impressed at all. Then it was explained to me that I should not be using an ‘omni-directional’ RFmeter for testing because microwave radiation is bouncing around the environment from many directions and you cannot make a proper assessment of the product’s effectiveness in this way. Then I started using a professional level ‘uni-directional’ microwave meter for testing more accurately.

Thus, as you can see in the videos below from my YouTube Channel, I used an $1800, professional level, Gigahertz Solutions HFE59B, uni-directional RF/Microwave Analyzer to test the products. Immediately, the results were obvious! All claims and certifications provided by the manufacturer of these products were accurate. I had to increase my education on this subject and use the correct equipment for testing.

How can a person possibly expect to test our products accurately by checking the signals or visible networks on their cellphone if placed inside our RF shielding hats, scarves, hoodies or sleeping bags? Our products cannot be tested in this way. A cell phone will pick up a signal as low as 0.0000000002 microwatts per square centimeter. This is 2 billionth of a microwatt per square centimeter! Even with the highly effective shielding rating of our products, a cell signal is still going to get through the fabric. And this does NOT in any way invalidate the protective qualities and shielding effectiveness of our products. In addition, when testing, is a person able to completely seal one of our shielding products airtight? Absolutely not! Thus, a gap of only 0.0001″ in the fabric would be enough to allow the cellphone to make the connection!

In addition, our products are not being sold as a cellular phone shielding pouch. This is not what our products are for. Thus, using a cell phone to test our shielding products is not a valid or accurate test and will only lead to confusion.

According to Barry Trower, an ex military microwave expert, a mobile phone uses many frequencies. Some of these are ELF (extreme low frequency) and will go through almost any materials except lead. Our products shield to the frequencies and levels stated on the testing and certification. Thus, using an apparatus, a cell phone for example, that transmits and receives outside of these levels and frequencies does not in any way prove that our products are not effective.

Will your EMF shielding clothing stop the ringing in my ears? Will it protect me if I am a ‘targeted individual’?

We often receive complaints from people experiencing a high pitched ringing in their ears. This is becoming very common. This may be coming from the ultrasonic frequencies of the microwave radiation used in wireless communications, military radar, geoengineering (weather modification), or from other wireless devices in the home or office. This is also called ‘microwave hearing.’ Many people can actually hear microwave radiation. The nervous system and bones in the skull react to these sub-audible or ultrasonic microwave frequencies and the ears can pick up this subtle vibration in the bones (this is called ‘bone conduction.’)

We make no claims that our products will stop this ringing in the ears. At this time, the entire planet is saturated with various types of unnatural, man-made EMF. The environment is no longer natural in any way and many of us are suffering the consequences of this corruption.

We also receive inquiries from those who say they are ‘TI’ or ‘targeted individuals’, hoping our RF shielding hats and hoods will protect them. Again, we do not make any claims about this. The only information we can provide is that our products use the highest quality and highest shielding capacity fabrics to block a wide spectrum of microwave frequencies.

How do I wash or clean my RF shielding hats, clothing or sleeping bag?

Instructions for care are given on the webpage of each shielding product. However, here are some suggestions. Delicate machine wash only at 90° F. Use only completely natural and chemical free washing powder or liquid. Do not bleach. Hand-washing is fine, but do not violently twist or wring out the fabric. When hand washing, treat the fabric gently. Do not tumble dry. Just hang to dry. Do not iron. By following these instructions, our products will maintain full shielding effectiveness for many years.

EMF and Microwave / Radio Frequency Meters

We provide reference notes for exposure guidelines and an excellent 11-page training document with each purchase of a Microwave / Radio Frequency Meter. We provide exposure guidelines for our Electric and Magnetic Field Meters. The exposure guidelines (reference notes), which can be taped onto the meter, as well as the training document, are very helpful for educating one in using and understanding their meter.

People contact us continually, asking questions about using their meter, not even realizing they are expecting us to give them basic EMF training. We cannot possibly meet these requests! This is why we provide the reference notes and training document with each purchase.

People still learning about measuring various forms of EMF are easily confused. Many times, in confusion, one will blame the meter for being defective, too sensitive, and many other things people wrongly perceive because they have very little experience using an EMF meter. It is best to know this: “The meter never lies. The meter is always right. The person using the meter is always wrong.” This seems a strange thing to say, however, it is true. At first, people do not understand how to use an RF meter, nor do they understand how the meter reacts to various types of microwave exposures in different environments. One becomes more familiar with the process after some time and experience.

Please take some time to read through the resources we provide with each meter, and practice using your meter in various environments. With just a little practice you will become proficient using your meter and you will trust what it is showing you.

In addition, there are many so-called EMF experts on the internet. They provide ads on their websites, which are affiliate links, to many different EMF meters. These ‘experts’ people make money when customers click on those links and purchase a meter from Amazon or some other external website.

Much of the time, these EMF ‘experts’ have very little experience, if any, using the EMF meters they are offering affiliate links for! They have not explored nor do they understand some of the limitations of the meters they are suggesting.

On this website, I provide only a few meters. This is because these are the ones I use personally, I am very familiar with them, and I trust their quality and accuracy. I feel good knowing they will serve a person well in regards to discerning EMF in their environment.

Many of the other meters on the market, although affordable, are not calibrated correctly. They can make an environment appear ‘safe’ in regards to microwave radiation or electric or magnetic fields, when in reality the environment is not safe! Again, many so-called EMF experts online are selling or suggesting meters that are actually inferior and not calibrated to be sensitive enough in regards to picking up the lower levels of microwave radiation, electric or magnetic fields. And unless you know how to discern the scientific specifications of the meter, you will not know what you are buying, even if the meter looks good and is affordable! Buyer beware and be educated!