Mazur Instruments Geiger Counters
Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector and Monitor

High quality, USA made geiger counters for detecting
and monitoring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation

Dual Language: English and Japanese

Measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation

Internal Data Logging

Visual and Audible Indicators
Audible Clicking Sound Adjustable: Low, Medium, High

Display Units – uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS and CPM

Over 4-Year Battery Life with user-installable
standard-sized 9-Volt Battery

Always-on Monitoring of Present, Average, Maximum
and Minimum Radiation Levels

Backlit, Two-Line LCD Display

Carrying/Protective Case Included

Supports headphones and external speakers

External Data logging output in industry standard CSV
format with optional USB cable.

Just like a microwave meter, a geiger counter empowers you to view the most often unseen world of radioactive elements. Whether is be granite countertops, living near a nuclear power plant, or radioactive elements in your local environment, a geiger counter will give you the information you need for making empowered and safe choices for your life. With a little education and practice, a geiger counter is easy to use and understand.

Mazur Instruments geiger counters survey areas for potentially harmful ionizing radiation levels and detect radioactive contamination of packages, items, equipment and people. The instrument is suitable for regulatory inspections, and for the detection, measurement and monitoring of broad spectrum, low energy radionuclides, including Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

The detection sensitivity combined with the feature-set provided by these instruments results in one of the most compelling price/performance values in the industry!

Accurate, reliable, made in the USA, Mazur Instruments geiger counters are an ideal solution for individuals, health physics professionals, educators, researchers, outdoor enthusiasts and rock collectors.

Unique Monitoring Capability

The instrument is designed to continuously collect measurements and statistics enabling complete environment assessment. This vital capability is not available on similarly priced products.

Using only one key, users can scroll through several screens that display present, average, maximum and minimum measurements in uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, Counts per Second (CPS) or Counts per Minute (CPM).

This nuclear detector not only records the maximum radiation measured, but also displays the time and date at which the maximum reading occurred. Conventional Geiger counters require the user to be looking at the radiation meter to capture such events.

Supports English and Japanese

The two-line, alphanumeric display supports both English and Japanese languages promoting ease-of-use and concise measurement. The display is backlit to support low-light conditions.

Industry Leading Battery Life

The battery life of this radiation detector and monitor is over 4 1/2 years under normal conditions from a single, readily available, 9-volt lithium battery that is user-installable without soldering.

Standard alkaline 9-volt batteries, available virtually everywhere, provide over 2-years of life under normal conditions.

Data Logging and USB Connectivity

With over 100K bytes of internal data logging memory included, this Geiger counter can autonomously (without the need for a PC) store up to 91,466 minutes or hours of time-stamped measurements. These measurements can then be uploaded later to a PC in CSV format for analysis.

A user-settable dose rate alarm sounds an audible alert when the measured radiation level exceeds that of the alarm level setting.

Designed by Mazur Instruments and manufactured in the USA, the PRM-9000 and 8000 nuclear radiation monitors includes abundant I/O options including support for headphones, external speakers, external power and USB data exchange (Requires Optional 3.5mm to USB Adapter Cable).