EMF Protective Microwave Shielding Sleeping Bag
Highest Quality Microwave Shielding
Sleeping Bag Available!

– Ultra high shielding capacity, highest EMF protection fabric.

Fabric made from 50% Silver Fiber / 50% Beechwood. Shielding
protection efficiency: over 45dB / 99.995%+ at 1 Gigahertz.

– Luxuriously soft, comfortable, anti-bacterial, with adjustable integral hood.

– Perfect for travel, hotels, camping and home when exposed to microwave radiation.

– Size: 215 cm / 7.05 ft Length by 80 cm / 2.62 ft width.

– Free stuff bag included with your purchase.


I am a professional EMF consultant with years of education. Being extremely sensitive to microwave radiation, and dedicated to protecting people from the present out of control proliferation of wireless radiation, I look for the highest quality EMF protection products. These shielding sleeping bags are designed by an EMF professional who is also EMF sensitive as well. He went all out with the design and spared no expense. There are other less expensive shielding sleeping bags available on the market, however, they are not the quality of this Leblok RF Shielding Sleeping Bag. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Please note: There is a less expensive and popular RF shielding sleeping bag on the market. Do not be fooled. That product uses shielding made from steel fiber. Once the material creases the fibers do not shield to the same level, and they tend to break (after one wash), and the shielding effectiveness drops drastically. However, the user still thinks they have the claimed 35dB shielding effectiveness. Bottom line is our Leblok RF shielding sleeping bag provides very high shielding effectiveness at just a shade under 50dB whereas the other sleeping bag shields at around 32dB. Considering that dB is a log scale rather than arithmetic, this is a massive difference in product effectiveness. In addition, with this other product you have to lug a huge bag around in your suitcase, whereas our Leblok RF shielding sleeping bag will fold up into a rucksack. The other product also has a steel zipper, an excellent way to attract RF like an antenna!

Leblok RF/Microwave Shielding Sleeping Bag

Today’s wireless world creates a need for products of this nature. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) / RF/Microwave Protective Sleeping Bag from Leblok. Ultra-high shielding, luxuriously soft and comfortable, with adjustable integral hood. Perfect for travel, hotels, camping and home when exposed to microwave radiation. Size: Length 215cm (7.05 feet) x Width 80cm (2.62 feet). Free Stuff bag included. Offers the highest EMF Protection Material! Made from 50% Silver Fiber / 50% Beechwood. Soft, cool and comfortable to wear, as well as Anti-Bacterial. Very high shielding capacity!

Absolutely the highest quality microwave shielding sleeping bag available. Very high shielding capacity for 3G, 4G and 5G. Perfect for travel, camping, home. There are other shielding sleeping bags on the market, but none have given the attention to quality and detail as this one. Designed by an EMF professional who is also EMF sensitive.

* Machine wash only in cold water with natural detergents. (Other detergents MAY have a severe effect on shielding capacity). Do not handwash. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry. Iron on LOW. Do not bleach.

* Returns: Absolutely no returns will be accepted or honored if the sleeping bag has even the slightest trace of smell from perfume, cologne, personal hair or body care products!