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Shielded Sleeping Bag
Radio Frequency / Microwave Shielding Sleeping Bag

– For those with EHS, or sensitive to wireless radiation, the
Shielding Sleeping Bag is a fantastic, effective solution for home or travel!

– Size of Shielding Sleep Bag is 8.2 ft long x 3.60 ft wide

– Includes a separate and washable inner liner made from 100% cotton

– Includes carrying bag, into which it can be folded and conveniently carried

– Made with two high quality and effective shielding fabrics Exel and Voile

This is a very high quality and effective radio frequency (microwave) shielding sleeping bag. It is hand made and created with two of our best screening fabrics (the body portion is made from Exel, and the head covering is made with Voile). For anyone traveling or staying in situations where you cannot control your environment, this sleeping bag may be an ideal temporary solution. For example, if you are staying in a hotel, or visiting friends or relatives who have, or are exposed to sources of RF such as wireless devices in their home or are living near a local cell tower.

This shielding sleeping bag comes in one size – 2.5m x 1.1m, (8.2 feet x 3.60 feet) and comes with a separate washable liner made from 100% cotton. The shielded sleeping bag can be washed if needed, but if the cotton inner liner is kept clean, there is usually no need to wash the sleeping bag itself.

Your shielded sleeping bag comes in a special carry bag, into which it can easily be folded and then conveniently carried. The carry bag is made of standard, non-shielding material and so can be washed whenever necessary without affecting the screening qualities of your shielded sleeping bag.

Exel Shielding Fabric

Our grey Exel material is made of medium weight, woven polycotton, with added stainless steel fibres for shielding. Exel is very effective across all frequencies tested, but is particularly good at lower RF frequencies such as TETRA and 4G (800 MHz), which are quite hard to screen against. 4G also uses 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz which will be screened by Exel. Exel is made from 36% polyester, 36% cotton, and 28% stainless steel fibre.

Voile Shielding Fabric

Our Voile material is a fabric made from 83% polyester, 16% copper, 1% silver. It is very lightweight, semi transparent material, crease resistant and washable. It is slightly glossy in appearance. It has 35dB shielding effectiveness at 1 GHz.

Screening Material – Voile – Further Information

Platform Tetra GSM GSM DECT UMTS/3G WiFi WiMax/Wifi
Frequency (MHz) 400 900 1800 1900 2100 2400 5600
Power Reduction 99.99% 99.97% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.90% 99.68%

For proper hygiene, ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS are accepted. With the one exception the sleeping bag is sent back unopened and not used.