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Radiation Blocking Hat / Microwave (Radio Frequency) Shielding Hat
Absolutely the Finest Quality RF Shielding Hat Available!

Effective Shielding Capacity:
99.992% or 41dB at 1 GHz and
99.2% or 24 dB effective shielding up to 10 GHz.

We spared no expense designing this Radiation Blocking Hat (also known as a Microwave or RF Shielding Hat) to exacting specifications. Created by a professional EMF consultant who is also highly sensitive to EMF. The EMF Safe shielding hat will help preserve the integrity of the brain and the sensitive glands inside the head during exposure to microwave (wireless) radiation in various environments (which is just about everywhere!).

Wearing the EMF Safe shielding hat, you will feel like your head is wrapped inside a protective cocoon. The usual symptoms of radiation exposure will be greatly reduced! With only a small logo on the back, nobody will know you are wearing anything other than your favorite cotton baseball hat.

Why is this the finest microwave shielding hat available?

1) Created with the highest quality, most expensive Swiss Shield RF shielding fabric. The shielding fabric is completely enclosed between the natural cotton fabric layers of the hat. No portion of the shielding material is touching the head.

2) We even took the extra step of sewing the RF shielding fabric into the front visor of the hat as well!

3) Button on top of cap is fastened with a plastic post, not metal. Most hats of this type have a metal post in the button which can act as a conductive antenna. Plastic is not conductive.

4) Shielding fabric is premium natural cotton material, designed and manufactured in Switzerland. OEKO-TEX Certified as a skin friendly textile and free from harmful substances. There are less expensive RF shielding fabrics available. However, the material we use is superior in shielding ability and is certified non-toxic.

5) Microwave blocking fabric in the hat has unmatched shielding characteristics: Rated at 99.992% or 41dB at 1 GHz and 99.2% or 24 dB effective shielding up to 10 GHz.

6) Effective for shielding/protecting your head from radiation from cell towers, cordless phones, security systems, wireless internet modems and routers and other wireless devices. IMPORTANT NOTE! Do not use your cell phone when wearing this shielding hat. This hat is designed mainly for exposures at head level and above. When being exposed to wireless (microwave) radiation sources below head level, it is possible for the radiation to go underneath the hat and reflect into the head.

7) Easy care, washable, with no loss in protection from the shielding fabric. Shielding fabric is 82% cotton, 18% copper and silver. Material of the hat is 100% cotton.

8) Easy to adjust velcro strap on back of cap. Long hair will fit through opening in back.

Size: We offer one hat size. Velcro strap is adjustable from 54 cm (21-1/4″) to 60 cm (just over 23-1/2″). Please measure the circumference of your head to make sure the hat will fit properly.

Color: The color of this hat was very difficult to reproduce in photographs. Actual color is a deep, rich chocolate brown as seen in the two photos of the person wearing the hat.